Commercialization of specialties and production of raw materials for the markets of: plastics, industrial, personal and home care, health care, food and beverages, veterinary and human pharmacy.

Macropol focuses its organization on the creation value for the market based on quality as well as compliance with customers by offering technical solutions to their needs, which is the main differentiator of the company.

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In 2007 Macropol received recognition from the National Association of the Chemical Industry as the 1st Mexican distributor of chemical products to achieve comprehensive responsibility certification.

In 2015 it was acquired by Grupo Industrial Trebol, a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of raw material for the ceramic and chemical industry with participation in the markets of Mexico and Brazil.

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We have extensive experience in developing new products and in consulting for the creation of new formulas.

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To be a chemical products company focused on the supply of specialties in the chemical industry that transfer value to our clients with a commitment to quality.


Grupo Industrial Trébol, SA de CV (GITSA) is an international manufacturer and marketer of raw materials for the ceramic, precision casting and chemical industries.

Through its subsidiaries, GITSA is the largest producer of ceramic opacifiers in the American continent, leader in the rest of its businesses and operator of 7 production centers in Mexico, USA and Brazil.

It also has real estate investments and investment in shares such as Grupo Bimbo and Grupo Altex.



Atizapán Headquarters Distribution center and marketer

Lerma Plant PRODUCTS

Monterey Plant PRODUCTS
Metal stearates

Success stories

Company: Grupo GARVO (Pet´s Pharma de México)

Raw material: Macrocare M

Finished product:
Cosmetic Line Shampoo
Insecticide Line Shampoo
All those who make up with insecticide function

Use: Base for shampoo

Country: Mexico

Customer: AlEn del Norte S.A de C.V.

Brand Name: Cloralex

Market Segment: Home laundry

Application: Ultragel formula without chlorine

Customer Needs: Removes strains and disinfects clothes

CP Kelco Solution: Kelzan AP- AS

MLA: Xanthan Gum, Keltrol AP AS

Main Value Elements of CP Kelco solution vs. MLA: Technical support

Potential: 18 MT/year

Client: Grisi Hermanos

Approved material: Structure XL

Finished product
Crema Aloe Vera GRISI
Goldilocks lavender and lettuce
Royal Jelly Line
Solid and liquid oil line

Client: Maaz Care Cosmetics

Approved material: Organic Lipactive Inca Inchi® WO y Macrosil GS

Application: Silicas Hair Silk and Hair Shine

Client: Fuller Cosmetics

Approved material: Macropeg 150

Application: It is used as a thickener in their new
Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Client: Tathagata Sapi de C.V.

Approved material Dub CO / Dub GPE 810

Application: Modeling Wax (Transparent)

Client: Food and Industrial Dehydrated Products

Approved material: Radiamuls MG 2915 K

Application: Emulsifier for Coffee Creamer

Company: OSBORN

Approved material: STEARIC ACID VESTEARIN SA 11

Application: Base for the formulation of solid
and liquid pastes for polishing

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